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What is a Watchlist and how do I edit it?

A watchlist allows you to see and compare real-time returns and metrics (financial or valuation) for a group of companies. You can create a new watchlist by searching for companies and manually adding them to your watchlist or by using Screener to find companies that fit specific criteria. 

Once your watchlist is created, you can compare the companies within your watchlist and see aggregated news, events, and the latest SEC filings and transcripts for your companies.

You can delete watchlists you’ve created by navigating to the watchlist and selecting the Edit icon. From there, you’ll see the option to Delete watchlist.


My Stocks watchlist

Tickers within your connected portfolio or that you manually follow will appear in your My Stocks watchlist. This watchlist can’t be deleted, but you can remove tickers from it by unfollowing a stock. (To see if you’re following a stock, search for it. If a stock has a checkmark on the right, you’re following it. Uncheck the stock to unfollow it and remove its ticker from your My Stocks watchlist.)

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