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I'm having trouble connecting my Portfolio account through Plaid.

Atom Finance uses Plaid to create a secure connection to financial institutions. The connection success rate depends on each institutions’ infrastructure and can vary significantly throughout the day. Institutions with a high success rate may still experience connection failures from time to time.

If your portfolio connection fails, we recommend trying again at a later time or reaching out to Plaid and/or your financial institution for more information. If you’d like to know the status of a specific institution, you can visit our Connection Status Center.

If you want to view your holdings without connecting your account through Plaid, you can create a manual account, which will allow you to replicate your current holdings.


My portfolio hasn't connected for an extended period of time

Occasionally, financial institutions choose to limit data access to Plaid. As a result, your positions and trades may not accurately reflect your underlying account balances for an extended period of time.

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