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How do I manage my notifications?

You can customize your mobile notification preferences at any time in Settings. You can toggle alerts on/off for events, news, documents, and price alerts, account value movements, and more.

On the Atom Finance website: Select your initials in the top right corner, select Settings, and toggle your notification preferences on/off. 

On the app: Select the person icon in the top left corner, select Notifications, and toggle your notification preferences on/off.


Price targets

You can add a price target for any stock or ETF so you get an alert when the price goes above or below a certain amount.

You can’t add price target notifications through the Notifications tab. Please follow the steps below to add a price target notification on the app or the Atom website:

  1. Navigate to the company page of any stock or ETF.
  2. Select the bell notification icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Price targets.
  4. Select Add target.

You can add 2 price targets per security. Once an alert is triggered, it will be automatically turned off.

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